List of Kroger Brands Where you can Shop

In addition to being one of the biggest grocery stores in the country, Kroger also owns and manages a wide variety of supermarkets around the country. Kroger-owned supermarkets serve a diverse clientele in many different states because of their dedication to providing high-quality goods at low prices while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

list of kroger brands

These supermarkets, budget supermarkets, hypermarkets, and specialty markets provide a one-stop shop for all your grocery, bakery, deli, and other household goods needs. Let’s explore the wide variety of grocery store brands held by Kroger.

1. Baker’s

Baker’s is a network of local supermarkets based primarily in Nebraska. It has a vast selection of foodstuffs, including groceries, fresh fruit, baked goods, deli meats, and more. Baker’s is committed to providing its clients with the best possible service at the lowest possible rates.

2. City Market

Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Nevada are just a few states where you may find a City Market. Groceries, fresh vegetables, baked goods, deli items, and even a pharmacy are readily available to its clientele. Each City Market location is carefully crafted to provide for the unique requirements of the neighborhoods it serves.

3. Dillons

Kansas is home to Dillons, a grocery company, as are Missouri and Nebraska. Groceries, fresh vegetables, meat, dairy, bakery goods, and even a pharmacy are all available there. Dillons supermarkets aim to provide customers with a broad selection of products and a pleasant atmosphere.

4. Food 4 Less

You may find the Food 4 Less grocery store chain locations in California, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Its main goal is to provide its clients with cheap pricing on food products in supermarkets, such as fresh fruit, meat, dairy, and more. Value for money is a primary focus for Food 4 Less shops.

5. Foods Co

Kroger also owns the Foods Co. line of cheap supermarkets. It is a California-based supermarket chain that offers low prices on various food products, including vegetables, meat, and deli goods. Every Foods Co. store aims to provide a simple, cost-effective shopping experience.

6. Fred Meyer

The states of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington are all served by the Fred Meyer supermarket business. It’s like going to the grocery store, department store, apparel store, electronics store, home goods store, and more all in one convenient location. Fred Meyer shops aim to give customers both ease of shopping and a large variety of merchandise.

7. Fry’s

Fry’s is a grocery store chain based in Arizona. They sell various food and home goods, including fruit, deli meats, baked goods, and cleaning supplies. It also has a pharmacy and several other sections, such as those for electronics and home decor. The goal of each Fry’s store is to provide its customers with everything they may need.

8. Gerbes

The state of Missouri is home to the Gerbes grocery business. It sells a wide selection of food and other goods, fresh vegetables, baked goods, deli meats and cheeses, and pharmaceuticals. Shoppers may expect helpful staff and high-quality goods from Gerbes.

9. Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is a supermarket chain located in the Southeastern U.S. It has everything you need, including fresh fruit, baked goods, deli items, meat, fish, and even a pharmacy. Harris Teeter places a premium on providing a pleasant shopping experience for its customers by focusing on quality and service.

10. King Soopers

Retailing groceries, fruits, baked goods, deli items, and pharmaceuticals to clients in Colorado and Wyoming under King Soopers. It also provides ancillary services, including gas stations and ATMs. With a focus on customer satisfaction, King Soopers offers a wide selection of high-quality goods and helpful assistance.

11. Jay C Food Store

The Jay C Food Store is a supermarket chain serving the southern Indiana region. Groceries, fresh vegetables, meat, bread goods, and more are all available there. Jay C Food Store is committed to providing excellent customer service and fresh, healthy food to its neighborhoods.

12. Owens Market

Ohio is home to the Owens Market grocery business. It offers consumers a pharmacy, fresh produce, groceries, deli items, bread goods, and more. Owens Market is committed to providing customers with a pleasant shopping experience and a wide selection of items.

13. Pay-Less Super Markets

The state of Indiana and Illinois are both served by the grocery store chain Pay-Less Super Markets. Groceries, fresh vegetables, meat, bread goods, and more are all available there. Pay-Less Super Markets is committed to offering its clients low pricing on various name-brand groceries.

14. QFC

The Quality Food Centers (abbreviated as QFC) chain is present in the states of Oregon and Washington in the Pacific Northwest. It has many groceries, fresh vegetables, bakery goods, deli foods, and pharmaceutical products and services. QFC supermarkets are known for their superior product selection and friendly, helpful staff.

15. Ralphs

Southern California is home to the Ralphs grocery store chain. It has various groceries, fruits, vegetables, baked goods, deli meats, and more. Ralphs aspires to provide its consumers with both ease and variety when they purchase there.

16. Smitty’s Health Food and Drug

Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, and Wyoming are all part of Smith’s Food and Drug service area in the Rocky Mountain West. Groceries, fresh vegetables, baked goods, deli items, pharmaceuticals, and essential home items are all available there. Smith’s Food and Drug Stores staff is dedicated to providing customers with the best shopping experience possible.

17. Mariano’s

In the greater Chicago region, you may find Mariano’s supermarkets. It offers a broad selection of groceries, fresh fruit, bakery goods, deli products, and more, giving consumers a pleasant shopping experience. Mariano’s aims to provide customers a friendly and sophisticated shopping experience by stocking various gourmet and specialty items.

18. Metro Market

Metro Market is a Wisconsin-based grocery chain that offers its clientele a wide variety of services. Groceries, fresh fruit, meat, bread goods, and even a pharmacy are all available there. Metro Market aims to give its clients a wide variety of high-quality items.

19. Pick ‘n Save

Pick ‘n Save is a Wisconsin-based grocery business. It has a great selection of groceries, including meat, bread, and other baked goods. Customers can expect great deals, a wide selection, and a hassle-free Pick ‘n Save trip.

20. Copps

Copps is a chain of supermarkets based in the state of Wisconsin. It offers its consumers a wide selection of groceries, fresh vegetables, deli items, bakery goods, and more. You can expect high-quality goods and friendly service when you shop at a Copps location.

21. Roundy’s

Stores under Roundy’s banner may be found throughout Wisconsin and Illinois. It consists of supermarkets operating under several names, such as Pick ‘n Save, Metro Market, and Copps, and selling various staples and specialty foods. To better serve their communities, Roundy’s carries different high-quality items.


Kroger’s many grocery store labels may offer some unique products. Still, they all share a commitment to serving their customers well by stocking high-quality items at fair prices and delivering friendly, knowledgeable advice.