How to Login to Kroger Employee Portal at Greatpeople.Me [2023]

Great People Me Portal is an online portal where employees of the Kroger Company can log in and access all work-related details instantly. The Kroger Company has around 2800 stores across the nation and about 4,60,000 employees working at the Kroger Company stores. So, it becomes important for the company to manage them all and convey the work instructions accurately. For this, the company has launched Kroger Employee Portal, which the employees can access at Greatpeople.Me website link. In today’s article, I am going to explain to you all how to log in to the Greatpeople.Me Kroger Employee Portal.

Employees who get the Kroger stores have to manage their work schedule, check their payments, request for leaves, raise tickets, etc., to perform their duties. To make things faster, easier, and more efficient, Kroger offers them the Great People Me Portal, using which they can perform all the mentioned tasks flawlessly. If the employees can check all the details within a few seconds, they can spend more time being productive.

If you have recently joined Kroger or are thinking about it, you need to know more about the employee portal by Kroger and how it will help you perform better at work. I have included all the instructions for logging into Greatpeople.Me portal in this article and how to resolve if you are facing any issues. Please read the article at the end of tomorrow about all the updated instructions and steps of login into your employee account.

What is Greatpeople.Me Kroger Employee Portal?

Getting work done through employees or workers has become quite challenging, even if we have more tools and technology than before. To run such a large Supermarket chain, Kroger needs a coordinated and dedicated staff with clear instructions about their work. The Greatpeople.Me Kroger portal helps employees to live a better and more productive work life. Earlier, employees had to wait until they got approval for their leave or payroll details. The chain of command did not work as expected by the companies.

what is greatpeople.Me kroger employee portal

Today, employees can get so many features on one platform, making their work life free from stress. The Greatpeople.The ESS portal helps the employees to get the following benefits,

  • Easier management of Kroger Employee Schedule
  • Access to Marketing Information 
  • Great People Me Portal Kroger Employee Email for employees 
  • Helps employees access personal information 
  • Emergency help and contact support 
  • Access to holiday hours details 
  • Direct deposit benefit *
  • Instant Kroger Payroll Login to access details such as payroll, paystub, etc. 
  • Kroger employee’s salary account
  • Access to W-4

Kroger Employees can access all the above details using their Kroger’s Employee Portal Login details. With this portal’s help, they can get any emergency information they need by accessing the portal’s official link. 

As we have learned about the benefits of Kroger Payroll Login, let us move on to the requirements of accessing the Kroger Employee Account.

Requirements of Kroger Greatpeople Employee Portal 

  • Laptop, Smartphone, PC, or Tablet 
  • Valid URL for Greatpeople portal 
  • High-speed internet connectivity 
  • Valid Kroger Employee login ID and password. 
  • Secure the latest version browser. 

Since you are clear with the requirements, let us learn about the login steps.

Steps to Login Kroger Employee Portal at Greatpeople.Me?

You will require authentic user ID and password to access your Great People Me Portal account. You will get these credentials if you have completed the HR registration per the company’s policies and norms. So, if you meet all the basic requirements of accessing the Greatpeople Employee Portal, please follow the steps, kroger login
  • Open the official Greatpeople Employee Portal at
  • It will open the SecureWeb SSO Kroger login page on your screen.
  • Now, please add the Enterprise User ID in the first blank. 
  • Then, enter your password in the following blank.
  • Please verify once if you have added the correct id and password.
  • Submit your request by clicking on the “I AGREE” button.

Note: You can only access this account if you are an authorized Kroger employee. If you are not, please avoid accessing the website.

How to Reset Kroger Greatpeople Login Password?

It is frustrating to lose a password because you need access to your employee account. The more you delay resetting the password, the more productivity you will lose at Kroger. So, if you have lost your password or cannot remember it, try resetting it as quickly as possible by following the given steps,

  • First, open the Greatpeople.Me Login page on your browser.
  • It will open the Kroger Employee Portal login.
  • Now, click on the “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password” button on the login page.
  • After you clicking on it, a password reset page will open on your screen.
  • Please provide details on that page, such as login ID or email.  
  • If you set some security questions for a password reset, you need to provide the answer for the same.
  • After answering them, proceed to submit your request to change your password.
  • Please follow the on-screen instructions. 

The password reset and login steps only work if you have an existing account; if you do not, you will have to create a new one. 

Tips to Use Express HR Portal

Greatpeople employee portal is easy to use, but employees sometimes need help accessing it. I have listed some tips that will help you easily manage small issues related to your account. 

  • Check your internet connection before you start logging into your account
  • Since it is a secure website, you must only try to access it if you are an authorized Kroger employee.
  • If you try 3 unsuccessful attempts, you will get logged out and have to reset your password.
  • Try to change your password frequently, as it will ensure your account’s security. 
  • Do not share your password with anyone. If you need help, contact the company helpline or your manager. 

Please remember these tips the next time you try to log in to your account. If you have any more problems, the quickest way is to contact the Kroger support team. If you need help with how, please follow the next point.

Contact Details 

Money employees face trouble with their Kroger accounts once in a while. Because of these small problems, they cannot work properly and deliver the results on time. So, if you are an employee who is having technical or other problems which stop you from accessing your account, please use the contact details below,

  • Official Kroger Website:
  • Employee Desk Number: +1-800-952-8889
  • Kroger Scheduling Help Number: +1-855-864-8444
  • Kroger Scheduling Email: 
  • Kroger SSO Employee Portal:  
  • Customer Support Number: +1-800-576-4377 (Monday to Friday at 7 AM till midnight)

Please use the information provided above to resolve your technical or non-technical problems. You can first inform your immediate manager if it does not work out; you can share your problems online with the expert team about issues related to the portal or contact HR. 


I hope the information provided in this article about the Greatpeople.Me Kroger Employee Portal has helped you understand how the portal works, what benefits it offers, and how to use it to improve your productivity. For employees, getting payment-related details is much more important than anything else, so they can use Kroger Payroll Login to check about them. Being a one-stop platform for employee functions and Kroger updates, the Great People Me Portal helps increase productivity and reduce work-related stress.

If this article has helped you and you liked my information, please share your comments with me. I welcome all doubts, suggestions, or humble feedback from my readers. 


How does Kroger HR Express help the customers?

Kroger HR Express is an internal employee management system designed to assist Kroger employees with their HR-related needs. It helps employees to access information, update personal details, manage benefits, view pay stubs, and communicate with HR representatives. It streamlines HR processes, enhances employee experience, and ensures efficient communication between employees and the HR department.

Who founded Kroger, and when?

Bernard Kroger, aka Barney Kroger, founded the Kroger Company in 1883 by investing all his life savings, $372, to open a single store. Currently, there are 2800 stores across the USA and over 4,60,000 employees. 

Are there any mobile apps for accessing Greatpeople.Me? 

Yes, an app called FEED is available on iOS and Android devices. Download it by using the following links,